2023  Itinerary

A transformative and unforgettable experience begins and ends with the Holyland Kingdom Experience. 
Our Israel experts curated this kingdom itinerary that reflects the scriptures, history, culture, beauty and taste of the Holyland.


TUESDAY, May 16: Arrival – Jerusalem

Arrive in Israel, at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, welcomed by our Holyland Kingdom Experience representative. You will be transferred to Jerusalem and check-in to the Ramada Jerusalem Hotel. Enjoy dinner and then we will have a welcome/orientation meeting. You will meet the other tour goers and we will go over the final instructions for your experience.

Overnight in Hotel Ramada Jerusalem.


WEDNESDAY, May 17: Mount of Olives – Pater Noster – Gethsemane – Garden Tomb – Wailing Wall

Breakfast at the hotel and get ready for your first day. The bus departs at 8:00am. We will visit the Mount of Olives and see the Panoramic view of Jerusalem’s Old! We will visit the Church of Pater Noster and walk to the Garden of Gethsemane, the place where Jesus prayed and his disciples slept the night before his crucifixion. Then we will have lunch. We will then visit the Garden Tomb, the site of the burial and resurrection of Jesus. We will with sharing in communion there at the Garden Tomb before we head back to the hotel. We will have dinner at the hotel and later that evening we will go to the Wailing Wall, the last magnificent part of the expansion of the Second Temple, from the time between 516 BCE and 70 CE. Here we will have a time of prayer and reflection.

Overnight in Hotel Ramada Jerusalem.


THURSDAY, May 18: Bethlehem – Qumran– Ahava Factory – Dead Sea – Qasr el Yahud

After breakfast at the hotel, the bus will depart at 7:30am. We start today in Bethlehem to visit The Church of the Nativity, the birth place of Jesus, and the Shepherd’s Field. We will continue to visit the Ahava Factory, where the Dead Sea Products are produced. We will have lunch in Qumran, and at the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth, we will enjoy our time floating in the salty water. The mineral-rich Dead Sea is known for its legendary healing power. Then we drive to Qasr El Yahud, the baptismal site where it is believed John baptized Jesus. We then head back to the hotel for dinner, after which we will get together and meet as a group.

Overnight in Hotel Ramada Jerusalem.


FRIDAY, May 19: Latrun – Yad LaShirion – Ella Valley – Mount Carmel – Shabbath Celebration

Enjoy breakfast and then we will check-out from the hotel. The bus departs at 7:30 am. We will drive to Latrun, the site of fierce fighting during the 1948 war. During 1948–1967 this area was occupied by Jordan at the edge of a no man’s land between the armistice lines known as the Latrun salient. In the 1967 war, it was captured by Israel along with the whole salient and the West Bank, and remains apart of Israel to this day. We will visit the Yad LaShirion Memorial and the Museum. Then we will visit the Ella Valley, which is recognized as the site of the famous David and Goliath duel. However, in ancient times, the valley was also known for the quality of wines produced there. We will continue to Haifa and stop at Mount Carmel, to visit the Muhraka, commemorating the Biblical story, at which Elijah slaughtered the prophets of Baal, immediately after his victory. We then drive to Tiberias and check-in to the hotel. This evening we will have a special Shabbat Celebration Dinner.

Overnight in Hotel Royal Plaza Tiberias.


SATURDAY, May 20: Cana – Mount Tabor – Golan Heights – Mount Bental

After breakfast at the hotel, the bus will depart at 8:00am. We will visit Cana, where Jesus performed the Wedding Miracle. The married group members will have an opportunity to renew their wedding vows in a special ceremony. We will then travel to Mount Tabor, the place of the Transfiguration of Christ. From there we drive to the Golan Heights and to Mount Bental, a dormant volcano in the North-Eastern part of the Golan Heights with a panoramic view of Israel, Syria and Jordan. We will learn of its major role in Israel’s defense. We then head back to the hotel for dinner.

Overnight in Hotel Royal Plaza Tiberias.


SUNDAY, May 21: Sea of Galilea – Mount Beatitudes – Tabgha – Capernaum – Yardenit – Olive Tree

Breakfast at the hotel and then we will start this day with a Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee where we will enjoy some morning worship and sharing. We then drive to the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus taught ‘The Sermon on the Mount’. We will visit Tabgha, the site of the Miracle of The Feeding of the 5000. We then move on to Capernaum, the town of Jesus. For lunch we will enjoy the famous St. Peter’s Fish in a restaurant at the sea Galilea. After lunch we will drive to Yardenit, at the Jordan River. We will visit the Olive tree planted in the honor of Dr. Myles & Ruth Munroe and then you will have the privilege of renewing your baptismal vows. We will then head back to the hotel for dinner, after which we will meet as a group.

Overnight in Hotel Royal Plaza Tiberias.


MONDAY, May 22: Nazareth –Mount Precipice – Kibbuts Ein Shemeer – Jaffa – Ministry of Tourism

After breakfast, we will check-out of the hotel. We will then head to Nazareth, the boyhood town of Jesus. From there we will drive to Mount Precipice to learn about the background of Jesus’ miraculous escape, where the crowd tried to throw Jesus from the mountain. Then we continue on to visit the Kibbutz of Ein Shemeer, where we have lunch. The ‘Kibbutz’ is a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture. It is a place for groups of pioneers, where they eat, live and work together. Farming has been partly supplanted by other economic branches including industrial plants and high-tech enterprises. Then we will drive through Tel Aviv on our way to visit the ancient port city Jaffa. We will view the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and then we will drive up to Jerusalem to finish the day with a reception at the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Here you will receive special Pilgrimage Certificates and we will learn Israeli Folk dancing or have a meeting with an Israeli rabbi who will teach about the ties between the Christian and Jewish people. We will then check back into the Hotel Ramada Jerusalem.


TUESDAY, May 23: Yad VaShem – Via Dolorosa – Holy Sepulchre – Upper Room – Temple Mount

After breakfast at the hotel, we will start our day with a visit to Yad VaShem, the Holocaust Museum. This is Israel’s official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. Then we will visit St. Steven’s Gate, walk up to The Golden Gate and then we will walk in ‘the Footsteps of Jesus’ along the Via Dolorosa – The 14 Stations of the Cross to Golgotha. We will visit The Church of The Holy Sepulchree, identified as the place both of the crucifixion and the tomb of Jesus. We will visit the Upper Room – the site that commemorates Jesus’ last meal with his disciples, after which we will have lunch in the Old City. After lunch we will go to The Temple Mount. We will then head back to the Hotel.

Overnight in Hotel Ramada Jerusalem.


WEDNESDAY, May 24: Departure

Enjoy breakfast at hotel and then you will check-out and be taken to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport depending on the time of departure.